Frequently Asked Questions

Who is E4E Relief?
E4E Relief is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foundation For The Carolinas, a 501(c)(3) public charity (Tax ID 56-6047886). With more than a decade of experience serving clients across the United States, E4E Relief is the nation's leading provider of employee disaster and hardship funds.

What if I've been impacted by a disaster?
The ABB Employee Relief Fund is not a first responder; in the event of a disaster, employees should contact the American Red Cross or another local organization for on the ground immediate assistance.  We encourage employees to reach out to local relief agencies such as the Red Cross, for any immediate needs you may have. The program is able to reimburse eligible employees for expenses incurred. 

What happens to the applications?
The ABB Employee Relief Fund is administered by E4E Relief. As a non-ABB entity, E4E Relief has been designated to manage the grant processing and administrative aspects of the ABB Relief Fund Program. Information provided is held in strict confidence.

Who makes the final decision on the applications?
E4E Relief manages the grant processing and administrative aspects of the ABB Employee Relief Fund on behalf of ABB. This ensures confidentiality and impartial decision-making. They also have expertise on this subject matter to make sound decisions on qualifying events.

How long do I have to wait for a decision?
Decisions are made within 3-5 business days from the time all documentation is received. Expedited turnaround times are in place for those with immediate needs due to a disaster.

Will everyone know if I apply or if I receive a payment?
No. A third party, E4E Relief, administers the program and applications are confidential. It is up to you if you would like to share your story about assistance you received from the ABB Relief Fund.

If I receive payment from the fund, do I have to pay taxes or pay back the fund?
No. Disbursements from the ABB Employee Relief Fund are non-taxable to the employee, and are provided as a gift and need not be repaid.